2016-17 AW DIESEL D-PRESLEY JACKET - Men DIESEL x Down Jackets

2016-17 AW DIESEL D-PRESLEY JACKET - Men DIESEL x Down Jackets

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DIESEL is one of the genius Group Italy born Renzo Russo and reexamined Goldschmidt Mitt two 14 brand.
Distinctive and innovative style free fashion premade and obsessed with good material, regardless of the quality of men and women, are popular worldwide.
As the UK's cool fashion men and women and get a high level of support both in Japan brand enthusiasts are a lot.

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Approximate size:
S: (bust 91 cm-96 cm)
M: (chest 96 cm-101 cm)
L: (chest 101 cm-106 cm)
XL: (chest 106 cm-111 cm)

50% cotton, 50% polyester

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2016-17 AW DIESEL D-PRESLEY JACKET - Men DIESEL x Down Jackets