-Friendly MONCLER HERMINE / Navy / 2 - Women MONCLER x Down Jackets

-Friendly MONCLER HERMINE / Navy / 2 - Women MONCLER x Down Jackets

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Blu scuro (Navy Blue) size ensuring the 2 am
It is served
Please ask at your earliest convenience


Popular HERMINE arrived again this year!

What together, MONCLER has a very good style,
Good and well konasemasu.

Adapted to what even the simple items,
Insulation in the Preeminent quality for materials, but with light.

Magazines are also picked up, many celebrities are wearing standard over and over again.

It is sold out of
Please ask in advance to have the size and color.

Logo with zip

-Light-weight file brick

Grosgrain trim

-Detachable hood

And proof


European and of course, in Japan is
MONCLER has become a winter classic luxury brand.

a smaller size, such as the popular model, especially black (00, 0, 1)
Season before they sold out, so
Every season to replace those who recommended to order during the summer.

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A simple design is MONCLER.

Gently place wearing ultra-light Nylon so I don't know
Winter-jacket is heavy and stiff shoulders.

This silhouette this year we really want one.

Soon as you please!

Color: blu scuro
Size: 2

MONCLER size table

0 XS 7 equivalent
1 S 9 equivalent to no.
2 M 11 equivalent to no.
3 L 13 of equivalent

-Friendly MONCLER HERMINE / Navy / 2 - Women MONCLER x Down Jackets